Everyone working / volunteering with children and those in a role of responsibility (Appointed Leaders) with the Uniting Church must have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC).

A WWCC is valid for five years and is portable across roles and organisations throughout South Australia. For those who have a WWCC with another organisation, the Uniting Church is now able to recognise it.

We still may require additional checks dependent on your role (see information sheets and the Duty of Care Policy).

All current, valid DHS/DCSI child-related employment screening clearances will be recognised as WWCCs under the law, until they expire.

The Child Safe (Prohibited Persons) Act 2016 of South Australia (Part 3: 6(b)) defines “Child related work” as: services or activities provided by a religious organisation.

The South Australian Regulations 7:(7)(2) define ‘child related work’ as services or activities provided by a religious organisation where a  person would have or could be expected to have contact with a child. ‘Contact’ means: “has close physical proximity or communications with the child (orally, written, electronic, etc).” (Regs 7:(7)(6))

While the WWCC is primarily focused on screening for risks for those in contact with children, the Uniting Church by its very nature has contact with those who are aged and vulnerable. Designated roles within Church Council and the life of the church will also require additional checks. See the Duty of Care Policy and information sheets for more details.


N.B. Minimum age for a screening to be conducted is 14 plus years


Once you’ve completed Step 1, your request is manually initiated by the synod screening unit on the next available business day.
You will receive a confirmation email from SSU when that is processed and then an email from the Department of Human Services.


Use the emailed link, from DHS, to complete the online application.

Things to note:

You will be asked to provide residential addresses for the past 5 years

The last section of the online application is about verifying your Identity.
The Verification Online works best if you have an Australian Passport & Australian driver’s license.
If you do not have these please select Requesting Organisation.

The 100 Point Verification form allows your Identity documents to be sighted by a designated person in your congregation.  This form is then forwarded to this office by email or hard copy.

*Minors (under 18) have different requirements to verify their ID and need consent signed by Parent/Guardian.

Volunteers will receive these checks for free. Ministers and employees will need to pay to complete the submission.

Note: If you make a mistake or lose your internet connection, you can go back into
your application and change it at any time until final submission.


You and the Synod will receive email advice from the DHS Screening Unit of your clearance status – ‘update’ and/or finalised.

Forward this confirmation email to your Safe Church Congregation Liaison for recording on behalf of your Church Council or designated governance body.